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Professionally laid block paved driveways in Stafford. We lay our driveways on a lime dust screed as it is harder wearing than sharp sand which prevents sinking and movement. To finish the job off we use a setting sand which goes hard so no dreaded weeds can grow through. All work is guaranteed for 2 years to give you piece of mind.

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Welcome to Tarmacadam Driveways Stafford, your local block paving and surfacing contractor. We supply and install high quality block paved driveways and patios at affordable prices.

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Block Paving Stafford

Paving is the perfect way to add value to your property whilst enhancing its overall look and style. If you require a quote for paving or tarmac you can call us on 01785 596125. Be sure to check our 22 five star reviews on Google.

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Block paving hasn’t earnt itself a great name over the years due to it not being installed correctly. The main reasons why block paved driveways don’t last is because;

1. The perimeter of the driveway or patios have not been secured and backed up correctly, block paving almost always want to push out so it’s super important that it is backed up with a sufficient amount of concrete.

2. The paved drive has been laid on a thick bed of sharp sand and not been compacted properly. Sharp sand is a soft aggregate and running water underneath can wash it away, also if it is not compacted correctly it will create movement in the paving and start to deteriorate

3. Kiln dried sand – This is the main cause for weeds and movement in paving; in our experience we have seen rain wash out the sand between the joints of the blocks which then enables movement in the driveway and gaps for weeds to grow.

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So what makes us different?

When paving we screed our driveways or patios with lime dust, it is crushed type 1 limestone 6mm – dust. It is much harder wearing than sharp sand and compacts much better especially for block paving. 

Secondly we ensure that the whole perimeter of the drive is backed up with a sufficient amount of concrete.

Finally and most importantly we use a sika setting sand to brush between the joints, it is of the same consistency as kiln dried sand only it sets as hard as concrete once some moisture has got into it. This prevents weed growth and movement and allows us to happily guarantee our block paved driveways and the groundwork done beneath it.

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