Is planning permission needed for a dropped kerb?

In this guide we cover the requirements for a dropped kerb such as planning permission and permits so that a drop kerb can be installed for vehicle access to your property. 

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Do I need planning permission for a dropped kerb UK?

In the United Kingdom, you typically do need planning permission for a standard domestic dropped kerb, planning permission for a drop kerb can be obtained from your local council along with the permit to dig which your accredited contractor will organise.

Highway Regulations

The installation of a dropped kerb usually falls under highway regulations and is managed by the local council or highway authority. They will assess the impact on road safety, traffic flow, and pedestrians.

Permit Application

To create a dropped kerb, you will need to apply for a permit from your local council. This application process ensures that the proposed modification complies with safety and access standards. There may be a fee associated with the permit application.

Design and Specifications

Your proposed dropped kerb must adhere to specific design and construction standards set by the council. This may include specifications regarding the depth, slope, and materials used for the kerb.

Insurance and Liability

You may also be required to have insurance to cover any damage or accidents related to the dropped kerb.

Conservation Areas and Listed Buildings

If your property is located in a conservation area or near a listed building, there may be additional restrictions or requirements regarding the design and appearance of the dropped kerb.

Public Footpaths and Roads

If your driveway crosses a public footpath or road, you will definitely need a dropped kerb to provide a smooth transition between the road and your property. Permission is required for this.

It’s important to check with your local council or highway authority to understand the specific requirements, procedures and costs for obtaining a dropped kerb permit in your area. While planning permission in the traditional sense may not be necessary, adhering to local regulations and obtaining the required permits is essential to ensure that your dropped kerb complies with safety and accessibility standards. Failure to do so may result in fines or having to remove and reconfigure the kerb.

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